Teachers Rock. Broward Teachers Rock.

Teachers Rock Support Teachers in the Spotlight

Teachers give their all to ensure students are well prepared for their future endeavours. Help us honor them by putting them in the spotlight.

kJenna Andrewsa..chers rock tea.ch Hollywood Hills High School tr(Hollywood, Florida)
Pamela Beal tteachers rock in FL. Sea Castle Elementary School (Miramar, Florida)
Judy Bremner tteachers rock. in .Sawgrass Springs School (Sunrise, Florida)
Sam Burton teachers rock tea.cher. Bair Middle School tr(Sunrise, Florida)
Vanessa Grapera..chers rock teacroJoe Hall Elementary School tr(Miami, Florida)
Sherry Maxinea..chers rock teacrock SWR Broward County Library tr(Pembroke Pines, Florida)
Jessica Medina teachers rock tePinecrest Cove Preparatory Academytr(Miami, Florida)
Stacey Farmer a..chers rock teacrockHollywood Hills High School tr(Hollywood, Florida)


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